Ever Thought of Being Someone’s Hero?

Ever imagine what it would be like to save someone’s life? You can do this directly, if you’re healthy enough to donate one of your kidneys—or, you can become an Ambassador for kidney disease patients in need by spreading the word about this heroic opportunity. Actually, you can do both!

Start by using your voice to communicate the need. Your goal is to increase living kidney donation. If you decided to be a donor, tell others why. If you had hoped to be a donor, but are unable to donate, you can still make a difference. You can empower your community to “step-up” to this calling.

You have the power to inspire others by sharing what inspired you. It’s all about connecting your message (and this live-saving need) to the “Do Right” string within this extraordinary humanitarian call.

Your efforts can save lives and make dreams come true for more than 100,000 End Stage Kidney Disease (ESRD) patients who are desperately waiting for a replacement kidney. Most of these individuals have been waiting for years while struggling to stay alive on dialysis. Their only hope is to get the gift of life before their health declines to the point of losing transplant eligibility altogether.

Time is of the essence.

You can make a difference. Get started today!

Seven Steps To Becoming A Living Kidney Donor Ambassador

Step 1: Learn as Much as You Can.

Learn as much as you can about chronic kidney disease and end stage renal disease (ESRD) options. Explore the difference between dialysis and kidney transplant, and the difference between deceased donor kidneys and a living kidney donor so you can better understand the value in and need for living kidney donation.

Step 2: It’s Not Just A Message. It’s A Movement.

Make the message bigger than life. Inspire those who always dreamed of being a hero to step forward and consider saving a life while they are still living so they can witness the miracle of their gift for years to come. You don’t have to go it alone! There’s power in numbers. Create a community of voices to create buzz. Educate your community before they begin to share the story to ensure information is inseminated accurately.

Step 3: Expand Your Circle of Influence

Create a list of people who you think would be interested in this awareness movement and invite them to expand your circle of influence.  Don’t limit the list to family members and close friends. Include work associates, colleagues, and individuals you know through professional organizations and associations.

Step 4: Personalize The Story

Know someone who was diagnosed with kidney disease? Describe their situation and need. Include facts on the country’s organ shortage, the wait for a deceased donor’s kidney and the blessing and superlative value transplant recipients receive through  living kidney donation. Be sure your story doesn’t come across too aggressively. Soft voices cultivate bold outcomes.

Step 5:  Send A Group Email.

Send out a group email to share your message and passion for increasing awareness in this critical area of need. This exercise will exponentially expand your circle of influence at the touch of your “send” button. Respectfully protect the privacy of your senders’ information by not disclosing the groups email addresses. The result? More people will read your email if they don’t think they’ve received a mass mailing. They’ll also take your message more seriously.  (You can also consider using email software like IContact and ConstantContact, to personalize each message).

Step 6: Create Strong Will & Intention.

Imagine your best outcome and write it out as if you not only believe it could happen, but as if it already has.  For example, your intention statement might read, “I am saving lives by increasing awareness in living kidney donation for all those in need.” Written affirmations can actualize dreams.

Step 7:  Create Buzz Opportunities

Take advantage of every opportunity that passes your way. Telephone calls, emails, work breaks, social events, even while you’re exercising. Don’t just wait for opportunities to present themselves. Create opportunities! Invite a friend to lunch. Invite neighbors over or organize a group to walk with in the mornings and discuss your intention. Invite your group to join your movement. Even if you walk alone, you can smile and say hello to everyone you pass.  The only thing you have to lose is regret for not bringing a smile to someone’s face, or the loss of an opportunity to increase awareness as you get to know new passerby’s.

Your Ultimate Goal
Your ultimate goal is to build interest by eliciting curiosity. How can you do this? By encouraging your listeners to ask questions–lots of them. In doing so, they’ll walk way with a better understanding and appreciation of the need. They’ll also be more apt to pass the message on. They may even  find themselves slowly gravitating towards considering living kidney donation themselves!