Educating the general public about the need for living kidney donation is the heartbeat of our mission and the legs beneath our movement.  Currently there are over 109,000 people waiting on a national list for a kidney transplant. The wait for a deceased donor’s kidney can be 3-9 years. Twelve lives are lost each day while waiting. You can make a difference.

There’s much to learn about Living Kidney Donation. Be sure to learn more so you can share the facts accurately. We need your help to increase awareness. Please join our team of goodhearted citizens who wish to increase awareness or consider becoming a living kidney donor themselves.   (READ: Frequently Asked Questions)

Our Mission

Our mission is to enlighten a world of goodhearted individuals to explore extraordinary opportunities that can make a difference during the prime of their life. An extraordinary opportunity to save a life!

Living kidney donation is not a new concept, yet the general populace lacks an understanding of what it means to be a part of this life-saving opportunity. Dating back to the first living kidney donor transplant in 1954, thousands of lives have been saved through living kidney donation. These are lives that would be otherwise lost due to insufficient supply of organs from deceased donations.

The Facts

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), about 5,800 organ donors donate vital organs at the end of their life. With more than 109,000 kidney patients waiting in the United States, the number of people in need of a transplant far exceeds the supply.

The list of those in need grows exponentially greater than anyone ever imagined. Today, however, there is a solution. We can increase living kidney donation opportunities for those in need, when they need a transplant, rather than waiting years and years for a kidney from a potential deceased donor.

All we need to do, with your help, is increase the awareness in the opportunity. You can be a part of this movement by increasing buzz in the need for living kidney donation.

Heroic Act of Human Kindness

Become a part of our awareness campaign and help us save lives through this heroic act of human kindness.

While many people dream of being a hero, their dream rarely gets actualized. Living kidney donation gives healthy individuals an opportunity an opportunity to see if they would qualify.

Learn more about what it takes to qualify, the process and the experience by talking to other living kidney donors and reading up on the facts.

If by chance the thought of becoming a hero is tugging at your heartstrings, this might be right for you. Check it out. If you don’t know a person in need, simply call a transplant center in your area to find one who does.

You can make that a difference.